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Large Classic Farmtable Serving Plank


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This serving plank is unlike any other you've ever owned and the elongated shape of this reclaimed wood serving tray makes it an ideal table centerpiece. Could be used for decoration or as a wood serving board for plated food and the live edge serving board provides the perfect amount of surface space. This beautiful board is handcrafted from reclaimed wood, this adaptable board is sure to make a contemporary statement in any space. You will enjoy this plank from season to season and it makes for a beautiful centerpiece on an island or table!

Due to the nature of the found beams, no piece will be perfectly identical and will contain varying crevices and splits within the wood, embracing its organic beauty even further.


  • 40"l x 10"w x 2"h


  • Reclaimed wood.


  • Wipe with clean, damp cloth after every use. 
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It's Our Anniversary Sale!

Use Promo Code HOME and save 20% on everything.

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